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Defense Win June 2016

bruce-keplingerjohn-hicksBruce Keplinger and John Hicks of Overland Park, Kansas, successfully represented an oral surgeon in a malpractice case.  The plaintiff was a 50 year old lady with a long history of dental issues.  She was referred to the defendant in January 2012 following a failed root canal in tooth #18 (lower left jaw).  Her primary dentist had been treating an apparent infection in tooth #18 for nearly two years with the hope of saving the tooth which was part of a three-two bridge.  However, by January 2012 the decision was made to remove the tooth. Following the removal...
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Defense Win April 2015

chris-lucasThis case involved a medical malpractice claim.  Plaintiff Roberto Murillo, a 56 year-old male, underwent left shoulder surgery for a labral tear at a surgicenter on March 18, 2013.  Defendant Jay H. Rapley, M.D., an orthopedist and member of Defendant Rockhill Orthopaedic Specialists, Inc., performed the procedure.  During the operation, Dr. Rapley inadvertently injured Plaintiff’s brachial artery (located in the upper arm).  Dr. Rapley clamped off the vessel and sent Plaintiff by ambulance to Research Medical Center where Dr. Jeffrey Cameron, a vascular surgeon, performed a saphenous vein bypass procedure (which involves the surgical removal...
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